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BACK ROW:     P. Bigelow,   J. Iott,   J. Rugh,   J. Machado,   J. Snyder,   J. Wintringham,   C. Smilax,   C. Hausmann,   M. Poole,   C. Karmol,   B. Schnaak,   B. Duell,   J. Rhodes,   L. Noble.  ( ONE MORE )
SIXTH ROW:                      D. Connor,        M. Young,        V. Allman,        L. Borchardt,        J. Kaemming,        H. Able,        S. Larson,        O. Bettinger,        B. Curtis,        M. Abel.  ( FOUR MORE )
FIFTH ROW:   Mrs. Freiheit,    M. Koppleman,   B. Wagner,   P. Madalinski,   J. Sullivan,    B. Bert,   D. Stone,   P. Altman,   W. Quinn,   R. Quinn,   P. Keeler,   A. Akens,   N. Billau,   M. Hofbauer,   A. Jones.
FOURTH ROW:   B. Sheppard, P. Leady,  D. Ely, K. Hennessee,  B. Caldwell, H. Carrier,  I. Noble, M. Grosteffon,  M. Porter, D. Staniford,  F. Russell, R. Mowery,  H. Englehart,  E. Brushaber,  M. Bacome.
THIRD ROW:      L. Grosteffon,  J. Hausmann,  S. Scott,  J. Lowe,  B. McCarty,  K. Ranke,  T. Kish,  D. Harbaugh,  R. Woodworth,   B. Brown,    E. Stroud,   J. Schafer,   S. Gill,   V. Andrews. ( ONE MORE )
SECOND ROW:       F. Turnbull,      J. Ruhl,     C. Snyder,      S. Keller,      C. Rank,      D. Racey,      J. Schmokel,      C. Mortemore,      M. Patton,      D. Iott,      K. Gorney,      C. Grodi,      G. Adam.
FRONT ROW:   V. Bagley,    M. Gentner,    M. Wells,    C. Kapella,    H. Mortemore,    G. Quaintance,    N. Jennings,    L. Billau,    M. Huberich,    J. Schmokel,    S. Stout,    J. VaNes,    S. Poole,    R. Trapp.

OFFICERS:    President……Janus Kaemming       Vice President……Barbara Bert        Secretary……..Janet Schmokel      Treasure……Karen Ranke

     The Girls' Athletic Association of Bedford High School was organized on September 9, 1954; with ninety-one charter members.
     The aim of the Association were to promote interest in girls' physical education, games, health, and sportsmanship.
     It was also started to stimulate interest in organized games outside of regular classroom activities and to give the girls an opportunity to earn a letter through this organization.
     Some of the outstanding activities planned for the year were Alumni Night, Mothers' Night, and Interscholastic Competition.