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     These words will bring back memories of outstanding, "Class of 55"; high school events from late in 1951 thru the spring of 1955.

     In the Freshman year, the class went to "
HAMILTON SCHOOL" school and elected Jim Brandeberry as class president. Miss Golembiewski and Mr. Starn were appointed as the class advisors and patiently helped the class through their high school years. Money making projects for that year were the selling of magazines and a "Spring Swing" Dance. Being members of junior high, the class had a graduation exercise in Lambertville Gym.

     In the fall of 1952, the class entered "
LAMBERTVILLE SCHOOL" as Sophomores, but were only able to attend half-day sessions due to the incompletion of the new building on Douglas Road at that time. the new building became available in January of 1953 where the event brought a great deal of emotion to the class as they crossed a new threshold. It was not easy the first few days to determine which room was designated for each particular subject; but it was not too long before the class swung into the routine laid out for them by their superiors and the newness of it all will never be forgotten.

     The class elected Richard Williamson as President and later in 1953 chose their Class Rings. they again sold magazines and sponsored their annual, "The Spring Swing". and saved the proceeds to help defray the expenses of their future senior trip. They were already beginning to look forward to their junior year and predicted as to what was in store for them.

     The classes junior year began by electing Norma Masters as, their only girl president. to start off the year they had dances after all the home football games. finally the long-awaited day came and they received their class rings. Being juniors, they couldn't break the tradition, so they held a Carnival. The class gave a play, "The Perfect Idiot" and co-sponsored dances at  the I.O.O.F. Hall in Temperance. They also had paper drives and decided to have their senior pictures at Powell's Studio in Toledo. The class honored the seniors at a prom in April at the women's Building in Toledo and a Banquet in the study hall decorated with an underwater scene.

     The class had been able to overcome all
obstacles standing in their way and then found themselves completing their last hurdle in high school in their senior year, 54-55. Their goal was almost there.

     The class president for their final year was Clayton Moon, and they began to strive even greater than before, their efforts in various activities to prepare for their senior trip. The class sponsored dances, splash parties, the senior play, and various groups sold Christmas cards, Christmas trees, hats and pennants for the purpose of a senior trip.

     Having had their pictures taken, the class chose name cards and announcements and were also checked as to the size to accommodate their robes. The juniors honored this senior class with a prom and banquet which was enjoyed immensely. Their plans for a train trip to enjoy the sights of Chicago happened, and the class boarded the ship "South America" which sailed up Lake Michigan, stopped at Mackinaw Island, sailed down to Detroit. The class now has reunions to reminisce over the past years, turn their class annuals and relive their happy memories.  
(A re-write from the original annual by Letha's husband, Vern :)